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Safer was started by Sharold Prather and Bernard Herron because we saw a need. Like most cat lovers, we started feeding a group of stray and feral cats that lived in the neighborhood. The colony was producing offspring at alarming rates and we started doing research to find out what to do.

What we discovered was that there were very few organizations out there, with the exception of KittiCo and Feral Friends, that helped with colony care by providing TNR. The local SPCA provided discount spay and neuter, but for one unemployed person and one full-time student a discount wasn't of much help. We began rescuing the kittens and finding them homes and eventually were able to work with KittiCo to trap and neuter some of the adults.

However, it has been our experience that while many caregivers will take on the responsibility of feeding and providing basic care for a colony, they need or want help with the TNR process and/or veterinarian care. We know from experience that caring for a colony can be very expensive and time consuming and many people can become overwhelmed with all of the financial and emotional responsibilities. Once we both began working full-time, it became difficult to make drop-off schedules and repeated trips for drop-off and pick-up. All of this in addition to fostering several cats and kittens, providing veterinary trips and care and providing food, water and litter for all of our inside adopted children.

There just never seemed to be enough money, time or assistance. Sharold took several nonprofit management classes while completing her master's program at UTD and the two friends decided to start Safer as a way to gain support.

Leigh Sessler was one of the first people to come on board in 2005 and began as a volunteer trapper, cat transporter and cat foster. She went on to start Dallas Cat Lady, our sister organization which continues to adopt cats and kittens into loving homes. Leigh’s current focus is fund-raising for and opening our non-profit, spay/neuter clinic.

Safer has worked with local citizens on a one-to-one basis over the past 8 years, to assist them with T-N-R and spay/neuter, using its limited funds to do the most good. With the recent closing of a local non-profit spay/ neuter clinic in Dallas, the need for another spay/neuter has become more critical. Safer will step up to fill that need with its non-profit spay/neuter clinic in early 2013.


Safer is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the care and welfare of stray and feral (wild) cats. Our goal is to practice TNR and promote spaying and neutering of all cats, while also partnering with another group for adoption.

We were founded in the summer of 2004. Our plans for the next few years are:
  1. Educate people on feral cat colonies and the benefits of TNR, ongoing and immediate
  2. Open a brick and mortar spay/neuter clinic to serve the DFW Metroplex. Our goal is to open in early 2013.
  3. Over the next five years, to raise enough funds to buy and equip a mobile unit to travel to feral colonies upon request to trap then spay and neuter, thus helping to control the feral populations around our communities and better the lives of the animals themselves


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